1996 Alabama's TREASURED Forests Magazines

Winter Issue
- All In The Family, by Madeline Hildreth
- Lumber Substitutes Unlikely To Hurt Tree Growers, by Marshall Thomas
- Imported Fire Ants And Wildlife Populations, by Scott Lutz, Craig R. Allen And Stephen Demarais
- The Red Imported Fire Ant
- Wildland Urban Interface! by Steve Bowden
- Computer Technology For Forest Management! by David Gilluly
- Forest Herbicides: What, When, How And How Much! by James P. Jeter And Tim Gothard
- The Public Needs To Know, by James R. Lowe
- 12th Annual Alabama Landowner And Treasure Forest Conference
- From George Washington's Yard To Yours, by Billy Rye
- The Southern Forests, Part 2: 1800-1850, by Don Burdette
- Understanding Your Timber, by Barrett McCall
- Tax Effects To Timber Owners, by Dave G. Borden And Thomas R. Borden
- Evaluating And Managing Storm-Damaged Areas, by Anderson, Barry, Doggett and Swain
- Forestry Tag Contest Underway
- State Forester's Message
- Editor's Understory; Williams Property, by Madeline Hildreth
- Trees Of Alabama: American Sycamore, by Bob Keefe
- Landowners Legislative Alert
- Hidden Treasures: A Slice Of Southern Life, Al & Jane Hill, by Tilda Mims
- Threatened And Endangered Species: American Hart's-Tongue Fern, by Tim L. Gothard

Spring Issue
- An Educational TREASURE, by Kim Gilliland
- Alabama Forestry Planning Committee Directory
- Natural Resources Conservation Service in Alabama, by Joan Love
- Property Boundary Surveys, by Phillip E. Wilbanks
- Current Use Taxes in Alabama, by L. Louis Hyman
- The Alabama Logger, an Applied Silviculturalist, by Dr, Richard W. Brinker
- The Impact of Genetics on Forest Productivity, by Robert Weir
- Managing Your CRP Trees
- The Southern Forests, Part 3: 1850•1930, by Don Burdette
- Attracting and Feeding Non-Game Bird, by Coleen Vansant
- State Forester's Message, by Timothy C. Boyce
- Editor's Understory; Heritage Homestead, James Malone, by Kim Gilliland
- Landowners Legislative Alert
- Trees of Alabama: Red Maple, by Pat Waldrop
- Hidden Treasures: Four Generations Have TREASURED This Land, by Tilda Mims
- Threatened and Endangered Species: Granite Pool Sprite, by Tim Gothard

Summer Issue
- Squirrel Hollow, by Kim Gilliland
- Longleaf Pine: A Southern Legacy, by Rhett Johnson
- USDA-Farm Service Agency, by Jeff Helms
- Frequently Asked Questions about Forestry, by Coleen Vansant
- The Southern Forests, Part 4: An Environmental and Economic Success Story, by Don Burdette
- Alabama's New Prescribed Burning Act
- Food Plots Can Enhance Wildlife Management, by Dr. Bill McKee
- Alabama's Forests: A Health Update, by Jim Hyland
- Build An Easy Bluebird Box!
- Showcasing Ecosystem Management, by Tammy Freeman Truett
- The Red-Cockaded Woodpecker in Alabama, by Mark A. Bailey
- Pond Construction, by Perry L. Oakes
- State Forester's Message, by Timothy C. Boyce
- Editor's Understory, Bo Starke, by Kim Gilliland
- Trees of Alabama: Blackgum, by Billy Rye
- Memorial; John Mathews
- Landowner's Legislative Alert
- Hidden Treasures: For the Love of a Forest, John Ponder, by Coleen Vansant

Fall Issue
- Urban Treasure: Cunningham Farm, by Tilda Mims
- Keeping Our Cities Cool, By Dr. Jeffrey C. Luvall and Dr. Dale A. Quattrochi
- It's Time for Action, by Ted Meredith
- The 1996 Farm Bill, by Tim L. Gothard And David Hoge
- Treasure Forest Gems
- Managing Ponds for Better Fishing, by Michael P. Masser, Ph.D
- Tree Planting: Success Or Failure Depends On You, By Tim L. Gothard
- Treasure Quail Management, by Ted Devos
- Anticipating Good Longleaf Pine Cone Crops, by William D. Boyer
- Alabama's Treasure Forest Landowners: A Valuable Human Resource, by Bliss, Walkingstick and Sissock
- Backburning: Alternative to Traditional Precommercial Thinning, by Dr. Lloyd And Dr. Waldrop
- State Forester's Message, by Timothy C. Boyce
- Editor's Understory; Cunningham Farm, by Tilda Mims
- Threatened and Endangered Species: Orange-Nacre Mucket
- Landowner's Legislative Alert
- Hidden Treasures: 50-Year-Old Dream Now a Reality, by Tilda Mims
- Trees of Alabama: Shagbark Hickory, by Coleen Vansant

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