Prescribed Burn Manager Certification

The law states that in order for a prescribed burn to have liability protection; it must be supervised by a Certified Prescribed Burn Manager.

1975 Code of Alabama, Section 9.13.270, and Alabama Administrative Code, Chapter 390.X.6, state that the requirements for obtaining certification as a Prescribed Burn Manager will consist of the following:

“Completion of a training course approved by the Alabama Forestry Commission.”

Certification Process

A training program has been established to meet the requirements of the Prescribed Burning Act. The Burn Manager Certification Course, covering 32 hours, will include discussion of fire behavior, burning methods, safety, planning, smoke screening and Alabama fire laws. Courses are offered annually across the state. For a list of training sessions, see Certified Prescribed Burn Manager Training. It is also suggested that participants complete a Fire Behavior Course, which can be done as a self-study class, prior to the Burn Manager Training Course. A recommended program can be found through this link:

Training equivalent to the courses sponsored by the Alabama Forestry Commission will be accepted as meeting the requirement for certification. Chapter 390.X.6.02 of the Alabama Administrative Code states that the determination as to the acceptability of any particular training will be made by the Alabama Forestry Commission or its designee.

To receive initial certification, burners should submit an Application for Prescribed Burn Manager Certification along with proof of training and a non-refundable $50 certification fee. Please send applications to:

Alabama Forest Commission
Attn: Prescribed Burn Certification Program
P O Box 302550
Montgomery AL 36130-2550

Please note: Burners who paid $150 to attend an AFC-sponsored certification course and are applying following successful completion of that course do not have to pay an additional $50 application fee when submitting the application for certification. The completed application and proof of training are all that is required for those burners.
Certification Term

The Prescribed Burn Manager Certification will have a 5 year term, requiring renewal every five years. Each Certified Prescribed Burn Manager must, over that five year period, earn six (6) hours of continuing education directly pertaining to prescribed burning. For more information on recertification see Prescribe Burn Manager Re-certification.

For more information contact Marti Davis.