The state’s historical forest industry legacy has continued to blossom in rural communities throughout Alabama. In fact, economic growth is part of the forestry culture. The state continues to attract new investment, for both primary and secondary operations, by capturing opportunities predicated upon our growing renewable timber resources and a state-wide economic development strategic plan. These subsequent investments flow throughout the forest-based supply chain within our economy – particularly in rural communities.

Alabama has been very successful in attracting capital investment utilizing economic development teamwork. The state’s forest industry is one of the largest manufacturing clusters in the state adding value-added products and jobs throughout our economy. It is beneficial to track our progress. The following New and Expanding Forest Industry Announcements ArcGIS map application provides recent Alabama Department of Commerce announcements related to primary and secondary related industries. The map provides identification of these announcements with pertinent details of the investment.

Please click here for a map of Alabama’s recent Forest Industry New and Expanding Announcements.