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This premiere publication of the Alabama Forestry Commission is provided at no charge to the forest landowners of Alabama. A glossy, full-color, 32-page magazine, it is published three times each year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Filled with information and technical assistance, it is designed to assist landowners in making informed decisions about the management practices they apply to their land. Encompassing both hardwood and softwood, urban and rural, topics include forest health, drought, pests and diseases; invasive species; prescribed burning and wildfire protection; water resources and environmental issues; wildlife; as well as available state and federal grants and programs. Articles and photographs are contributed by AFC employees and other forestry or natural resources professionals. The current circulation is over 14,000.

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Fall/Winter 2017

'The Pike Place'. . . Mentor to Many

Forestry Field Days Add to Fall Festivities
New TREASURE Forest Certifications
After the Hurricane: Dealing with Damaged Trees
10 Things Landowners Should Know Before Thinning Their Pine Plantation
Sustainable Forestry versus Diameter Limit Cutting
Making a Smooth Transition from Pine Plantation to Bottomland Hardwoods:A Personal Account
Working Woodlands: A Forest Conservation Model from The Nature Conservancy
Timber Production Output (TPO) Survey
White-Tailed Deer Movement and Mortality Rates
Acorns: Autumn’s Bounty . . . Price’s Processing Steps
Just What the Doctor Ordered . . . Prescribed Fire Helps Wildlife
A Different Kind of Thanksgiving
Sweet Rewards of Cooking Cane Syrup
The Acorn – A Little Nut with Many Uses
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Summer 2017

Rewarding Beyond All Expectations
2017 ATFA TREASURE Forest Conference and ANRC Awards
What's the Difference Between TREASURE Forest and Tree Farm
Family Forest Owners of Alabama: Reasons & Objectives for Owning Timberland
Clearing the Heir . . .  Problems with Heir Property
Forest Inventory Data: a Valuable Public Resource
Alabama Scores High in the Nation's 'Tree Census'
Gopher Tortoises: Digging In at Geneva State
Southern Pine Beetles Cause Widespread Damage this Summer
Alabama's 'Tree City USA' Program: Strengthening our Community Forests
Oak Symposium
' Walls of Jericho' Trail Makes Readers Digest Top 20
Over the Top
Memorials: Walter Cartwright and Tom Jaworowski
In Their Own Words . . . Letters to the AFC
Introducing . . . Ask a Forester
Plants of Alabama: Passion Flower
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Spring 2017

'Fishers of Men'
Effects of Drought Continue to Plague Trees Across State
BY THE NUMBERS...Bark Beetle Infestation Resulting from the 2016 Fall Drought
A Rare Find in the Alabama Forest
Waterdogs & Humpback Whales??? The Endangered Species Act
Where are You?
BY THE NUMBERS...Drought Wildfire Facts & Figures from October November 2016
'Baptism by Fire' My First Wildfire Season
TAX TIPS for Forest Landowners for the 2016 Tax Year
Changes in Forest Structure Affect Bees and Other Pollinators
Prescribed Fire in an Upland Oak Stand at Mary Olive Thomas Demonstration Forest
Meet the Emerald Ash Borer - Alabama's Newest Invader
Don't Move Firewood
Classifying Forest Insects by Feeding Habits
Memorial: Jerry Brown
New TREASURE Forest Certifications
Plants of Alabama: Cinnamon Fern
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