Menu Alabama Beetle Report for 2018

The Alabama Forestry Commission is currently conducting aerial pine beetle detection flights, which will continue through September.

Our pine beetle detection map shows the locations of active pine beetle spots for the current year. A user can zoom into their general property location to see additional details of spot locations. To protect landowner confidentiality, spots are not visible at the greatest zoom level. Once active spots are located, the Alabama Forestry Commission attempts to send each affected landowner a letter showing the locations of the spots in greater detail. The letter also contains recommendations on how to control beetle spots.

Recommendations for controlling pine beetle spots can also be found at the link below. Landowners should also reference our “Selling Your Timber” publication before entering any agreements with other entities. Please use the agency directory on this website to contact your local AFC employee to request additional assistance.

The Alabama Forestry Commission is encouraging landowners to monitor pine stands, especially ones that are located in highly infested areas of the state. If you suspect that your stand is infested, contact your local Alabama Forestry Commission office for information. If a southern pine beetle infestation is confirmed, please implement a management practice to halt the spread. An immediate response is highly recommended to prevent further pine mortality and economic loss.

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